Hot Stamping

Rubber push to flat surface
hot stamping gif animation - Rubber push to flat surface
Rolling stamp on the outer circumference of the cylinder
hot stamping gif animation - Rolling stamp on the outer circumference of the cylinder

Hot stamping is a thermal transfer technology that uses hot stamping foil made by forming a coating layer such as metal to transfer metallic characters, patterns, etc. to non-transferred materials by pressurizing and heating.


  • Possible for stamping metallic foils on the flat and curved surfaces
  • Possible for stamping foils on leather and PP
  • By stamping gold and silver foil, giving the image of high quality.

Suitable place for stamping

t is suitable for transferring on the flat surfaces and parts of curved surfaces.

Materials for printing

Plastics, Metal, Woods, Leather, Ceramic, Glass


IT products, Home appliance, Cosmetics, Automobile, Stationary, bottle for medicine, etc


List of products

Stamping pressure Air cylinder Motor drive
10MT(98kN) V-10B MP-10B
6MT(58kN) V-6B MP-6B
2MT(19kN) V-2A
Long column type
Index table type

We have several types of machine such as for flat surface or cylinder shapes. Please kindly Contact Us.

Hot Stamping Products

  • ナビタスマシナリーのホットスタンプ「VI-08D」


  • ナビタスマシナリーのホットスタンプ「V-08LD」


  • ナビタスマシナリーのホットスタンプ「V-2A」


  • ナビタスマシナリーのホットスタンプ「MP-10B」


  • ナビタスマシナリーのホットスタンプ「MP-6B」


  • ナビタスマシナリーのホットスタンプ「V-6B」


  • ナビタスマシナリーのホットスタンプ「V-10B」


For Hot Stamping

  • シリコンロール

    Silicon Roll

  • Steel-Core Baked Silicone Rolls

  • Engraved Metal Clies/ Engraved Rubber Clies

  • Silicon Rubber Sheet (with aluminum)

  • Heat Transfer Foil

  • Silicone Roll Sleeves & Shafts

  • Silicon Roll Collars

  • Foil Slitter

  • Hand Roller (with simplified temperature control)

  • XYθ Table (200×200)

  • Fixture

  • Araldite

  • Mold Mounting Plates

  • Silicon Adhesive

  • Bonding Tape

  • Silicone Roll Setter

  • Rubber Air Hose

  • Grease & Grease Guns