Pad Printing Machine

Product outline

Pad Printing Machine
Feature of PAD printing
Possible for quadric and tertiary curved surface.
Possible for corrugated surfaces
Suitable for the products which is necessary for high quality printing

Materials for printing

Plastics、Metal、Foods、Fabric、Leather、Ceramic、Surface of Painting and plating etc.


IT products, Home appliance, Electrical components, Cosmetics, Automobile, Clothes, Sports goods, Foods, Stationary, Medicine, etc


List of products

Drive system
(color type)
Printing Area Open type Close type INK Pot type
(Single color)
φ30     NLP
Air cylinder
(Single color)
60×60 T-5J/CS  
φ100     NEAT-120C
60×170 T-20GA T-20GB/CS  
(Single color)
φ60     NICE70C
φ100     NICE120C
Air cylinder

(2 colors)
60×60 T-5JN    
60×90 T-20GN    
Air cylinder
(3 colors)
60×60   T-6/CSX3H  
Air cylinder
(4 colors)
60×90 T-20GTA    
Air cylinder
(5 colors)
60×60   T-6/CSX5H  
By hand
(Single color)
φ40 PAD BOY    
Motor: Rotary of Roller
Air cylinder: Roller transfer
(Single color)
100×∞ RP-1012B    

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