Silicone Pad

The kinds and features of Silicone PAD

There are 4 kinds of “Silicone PAD”. They are ① Shape, ② Hardness, ③ Type and ④ Base. Silicone PAS should be adequately selected by considering the printing size and the shape of products.

① Shape

The shape should be selected by considering the printing size and the shape of products.

  • Generally, a pointed pad will print more beautifully.
  • A bigger and blunt PAD is much better for the curved surface.
  • The completion of a blunt PAD will be much better in case that printing speed is slow.
  • In case the shape of products is complicate and the special designed PAD is necessary, we can make it by a special order.

Please refer to the list by shapes. (this page below)

② Hardness

The hardness should be selected by shape of products, printing design, ink and printing speed.

Hardness Soft     Hard

③ Type

Navitas brand PAD has 7 types as below. Each type has different features. We will recommend the most adequate PAD for our customers.

Type Features / Usage
D Oil bleeding is very small. It won’t leave printing mark easily.
F The initial printing properties is good and oil bleeding is small.
E This is the improved release properties of type “C”. It is used for the in-line of storage media.
C Excellent ink deposition property and plate wear. It is used for a lot of in-line. Release properties will be improved by using air blow.
O Excellent release properties and printing result. It is used for many kinds of applications.
A Excellent release properties and durability. It is adequate for high speed continuous printing of in-line. Order-made as the hardness is changed due to aging

④ Base

Navitas brand PAD has the followings bases;

BASE Remarks
Plywood When the size of base is changed, plywood is better as it is easy for cutting
Aluminum Excellent precision of installation and cleanness.
One-touch pad
  • Easy to install by using an exclusive ”one touch pad holder”.
  • Useful for checking the surface of PAS, cleaning and change of PAD
  • By positioning mechanism, same positioning is available after un-installing PAD.

※ Patiented

Plastic Using for standard PAD holder. Excellent cleanness as no waste wood.

Silicone-pad spec by shape

Cone Frustum
Semicircular Cylinder shape / Disk